Colección: Nadeln Kartusche

  • CNC cartridge made of surgical stainless steel medical plastic. Ethylene Oxide (EO) gas sterilised and individually wrapped for single use only
  • CNC cartridges are equipped with a safe membrane that ensures that no ink or blood can get into the grip. Give the artist's finger extra comfort, less finger fatigue and absorb these harmful vibrations when tattooing
  • To make the round liner and the round shader more stable, we add a stabiliser to prevent wobbling. Give tattooers more confidence to create super stable and accurate work
  • CNC cartridge tattoo needles are universal tattoo cartridges suitable for most rotary tattoo machines, coil tattoo machines and tattoo cartridge handles
  • Various needle sizes available, No.10 (0.30mm) and No.12 (0.35mm). Comes in packs of 20


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